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Tips For Finding An Excellent Italian Restaurant


Italian food is absolutely delicious and if you’re a fan of this cuisine, then you’re probably on the look out for good Italian restaurants. This cuisine is known for its amazing variety of pastas, pizzas, lasagnas etc. It is simply irresistible to foodies, however, it can be difficult to find a restaurant that serves authentic Italian. In this article, we will be looking at a few tips and guidelines to help you find amazing restaurants that will surely wow your taste buds.

The first tip is to simply ask your friends for recommendations. If you know fellow Italian food lovers, then you can definitely make use of your network to find out about lesser known joints. This is a great way to also get reviews of various restaurants that you know about but have not tried. Now, everyone’s opinion is subjective, so don’t let one person’s negative opinion prevent you from trying out a restaurant.

The next tip is to simply go on Facebook or Google and start searching for Italian restaurants in your area. A quick Google search will pull up lots of results and they will often have ratings and reviews. You should definitely take the time to read the reviews of past visitors and even check out the pictures that they post. This can give you a much better idea of the quality of the restaurant and the quality of their food and customer service. You can also check out each restaurant’s website to view their menu as well as any specials that they may be running.

Thirdly, you should check out local magazines and local review sites. These often have a section for foodie lovers and you will get great, personalized reviews of various restaurants. You can even check YouTube for videos about the food and ambience of the restaurant, so you should definitely do a YouTube search as well.

Now, the type of restaurant that you visit, would depend on your dining budget. There will be much cheaper joints that you can get full meals for under $50 and then there are upper class restaurants that will charge $150+ per meal. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to cheap restaurants if you have a low budget. There are many fantastic mid-range restaurants that serve authentic Italian without breaking your wallet.

If you have particular dietary needs or restrictions, be sure to call the restaurant beforehand to find out if they can cater to those needs. Also, if you are going to the restaurant to celebrate a special event such as a birthday or anniversary, then you should inquire about any specials that they may offer. Most restaurants will at the very least provide a free dessert or a percentage discount on the bill.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips to help you find a great Italian restaurant. Be sure to follow the tips above and once you do, I am certain that you will find amazing restaurants to satisfy your Italian cravings.

What Do You Think About The Italian Restaurants In Your City?

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If I had to guess, I would say there are more Italian restaurants in my city than any other type of restaurant. Would you think the same thing? Every place is different, but there are certainly plenty of Italian restaurants in many cities. Do you have a favorite in your city? I have a favorite in mine, and it’s been a while since I’ve been there. When was the last time you were at your favorite Italian restaurant?

Restaurants that serve up Italian cuisine are a favorite of many people. They are great for families, and they are great for dates as well. Think about all the great desserts that these restaurants serve up. You have the Tiramisu, and you have Italian chocolate cake. There are all the great wines, Italian breads, seasonings, flavors, cheeses and more. Is that making you want to eat some Italian food right now?

It is making me hungry for Italian food for sure. I always say that my favorite dish is lasagna. But I am also a sucker for some baked ziti. Pizza is always good as well. Sometimes when you hit up an Italian restaurant, the food is good, but the pizza is one thing that can be lacking. The restaurant might need be able to make good dishes, but there are many perspectives on pizza these days. So therefore, they need to be able to turn out a delicious pizza pie.

Every restaurant has their own take on Italian food. Many dishes will taste similar to others from one restaurant to another. However, you will notice many differences too. It all depends on what you like the best and which take on the recipes you find to be the most enjoyable. There have been restaurants I have been to before where I didn’t care for the food so much.

One thing about restaurants that serve up Italian cuisine is they can sometimes be slightly expensive. If you are going to pay that kind of money, then you want to make sure you are going to be eating a delicious meal. Also, Italian food is all about flavors and seasonings. You don’t want to eat at a restaurant that serves up bland Italian food. They might have the basic ingredients in place, but if they don’t have the right seasonings, then it’s not going to be what you expect.

Think about the last Italian restaurants that you visited. What grade would you give that establishment? Could you imagine eating somewhere else? How was the food? Do you think that restaurant is a pretty good example of what Italian food should taste like? If it’s not or even if it is, I challenge you to find the next restaurant in your area that serves up the best Italian cuisine. You just might find your new favorite spot. And after reading this, you might have to go buy some Italian food to eat for dinner tonight, sound like a plan? It sure sounds delicious to me.

Trends Found in Most Italian Restaurants

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Ah, the Italian restaurant. When you think of a delicious eatery that specializes in Italian cuisine, no doubt you picture a large plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a candle-lit atmosphere, and “That’s Amore” gliding through the building to caress the ears of everyone dining. Most individuals have enjoyed Italian food, whether their plate was garnished by a five star chef in Italy itself, or a pizza from a local establishment came delivered to their front door in a cardboard box. Italian cuisine is everywhere, and beloved worldwide. In this article, we will discuss some common trends that you can find in most Italian restaurants, and perhaps you yourself may see at dinner tonight!

1. Most Italian Eateries Serve Pizza

If you ask a young child or adolescent what their favorite food is, chances are they will respond with, “pizza!” Indeed, pizza is a common favorite among youngsters and grown people alike. When bringing your family to a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, it’s a very high possibility that the eatery will serve pizza. Some pizza will be pre-made, and then warmed whenever it is ordered. Some pizza is available by the slice, and sometimes as big as your head! And then the most delicious pizza you find will be made to your specifications (e.g. made according to your choice in toppings, crust type, etc.) and cooked right then and there. I’ve found in my hunt for the perfect pizza that New York style pizza made in a brick oven can’t be beaten. For those of you who live in a state where Grimaldi’s can be found, I highly recommend giving this restaurant a visit.

Other foods that can be readily found in most Italian restaurants other than pizza include salads, subs and stromboli, and most pasta dishes.

2. Most Italian Restaurants Serve Delicious Wine

If you are old enough to drink alcohol, and you visit a restaurant serving Italian food, perhaps you have heard your server share with you the wine of the day, or recommend which vino would pair perfectly with your meal. Wine is by no means only found where Italian cuisine is, but you’re sure to find some of the best wine that money can buy within a delicious Italian restaurant. If you are of the proper age, why not have a glass with dinner tonight at your favorite Italian noshery?

3. Italian Food Is Not For the Faint of Heart

And what do we mean by that? Well, if you have not ever dined on yummy Italian fare, expect Italian food to be hearty and rich. With lots of cheeses, vinegar and oil, and heavy bread and sauce, you’re definitely in for a wonderful (yet fattening!) meal. The environment at most Italian eateries is welcoming to families and provides a loving and laid-back place for guests to dine, so the next time you order your fettuccine alfredo, you may want to share with a loved one!

Italian restaurants boast many trendsn some of which are mentioned on, with some new ones on the horizon. No matter how Italian food changes, however, or differs from restaurant to restaurant, most of this delicious cuisine remains rooted in tradition and rich culture. The next time you bite into your pizza, or share your garlic bread over candlelight, imagine that you’re in the lovely country of Italy. Enjoy your meal!