Tips For Finding An Excellent Italian Restaurant


Italian food is absolutely delicious and if you’re a fan of this cuisine, then you’re probably on the look out for good Italian restaurants. This cuisine is known for its amazing variety of pastas, pizzas, lasagnas etc. It is simply irresistible to foodies, however, it can be difficult to find a restaurant that serves authentic Italian. In this article, we will be looking at a few tips and guidelines to help you find amazing restaurants that will surely wow your taste buds.

The first tip is to simply ask your friends for recommendations. If you know fellow Italian food lovers, then you can definitely make use of your network to find out about lesser known joints. This is a great way to also get reviews of various restaurants that you know about but have not tried. Now, everyone’s opinion is subjective, so don’t let one person’s negative opinion prevent you from trying out a restaurant.

The next tip is to simply go on Facebook or Google and start searching for Italian restaurants in your area. A quick Google search will pull up lots of results and they will often have ratings and reviews. You should definitely take the time to read the reviews of past visitors and even check out the pictures that they post. This can give you a much better idea of the quality of the restaurant and the quality of their food and customer service. You can also check out each restaurant’s website to view their menu as well as any specials that they may be running.

Thirdly, you should check out local magazines and local review sites. These often have a section for foodie lovers and you will get great, personalized reviews of various restaurants. You can even check YouTube for videos about the food and ambience of the restaurant, so you should definitely do a YouTube search as well.

Now, the type of restaurant that you visit, would depend on your dining budget. There will be much cheaper joints that you can get full meals for under $50 and then there are upper class restaurants that will charge $150+ per meal. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to cheap restaurants if you have a low budget. There are many fantastic mid-range restaurants that serve authentic Italian without breaking your wallet.

If you have particular dietary needs or restrictions, be sure to call the restaurant beforehand to find out if they can cater to those needs. Also, if you are going to the restaurant to celebrate a special event such as a birthday or anniversary, then you should inquire about any specials that they may offer. Most restaurants will at the very least provide a free dessert or a percentage discount on the bill.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips to help you find a great Italian restaurant. Be sure to follow the tips above and once you do, I am certain that you will find amazing restaurants to satisfy your Italian cravings.