Trends Found in Most Italian Restaurants

Italiano Pesto

Ah, the Italian restaurant. When you think of a delicious eatery that specializes in Italian cuisine, no doubt you picture a large plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a candle-lit atmosphere, and “That’s Amore” gliding through the building to caress the ears of everyone dining. Most individuals have enjoyed Italian food, whether their plate was garnished by a five star chef in Italy itself, or a pizza from a local establishment came delivered to their front door in a cardboard box. Italian cuisine is everywhere, and beloved worldwide. In this article, we will discuss some common trends that you can find in most Italian restaurants, and perhaps you yourself may see at dinner tonight!

1. Most Italian Eateries Serve Pizza

If you ask a young child or adolescent what their favorite food is, chances are they will respond with, “pizza!” Indeed, pizza is a common favorite among youngsters and grown people alike. When bringing your family to a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, it’s a very high possibility that the eatery will serve pizza. Some pizza will be pre-made, and then warmed whenever it is ordered. Some pizza is available by the slice, and sometimes as big as your head! And then the most delicious pizza you find will be made to your specifications (e.g. made according to your choice in toppings, crust type, etc.) and cooked right then and there. I’ve found in my hunt for the perfect pizza that New York style pizza made in a brick oven can’t be beaten. For those of you who live in a state where Grimaldi’s can be found, I highly recommend giving this restaurant a visit.

Other foods that can be readily found in most Italian restaurants other than pizza include salads, subs and stromboli, and most pasta dishes.

2. Most Italian Restaurants Serve Delicious Wine

If you are old enough to drink alcohol, and you visit a restaurant serving Italian food, perhaps you have heard your server share with you the wine of the day, or recommend which vino would pair perfectly with your meal. Wine is by no means only found where Italian cuisine is, but you’re sure to find some of the best wine that money can buy within a delicious Italian restaurant. If you are of the proper age, why not have a glass with dinner tonight at your favorite Italian noshery?

3. Italian Food Is Not For the Faint of Heart

And what do we mean by that? Well, if you have not ever dined on yummy Italian fare, expect Italian food to be hearty and rich. With lots of cheeses, vinegar and oil, and heavy bread and sauce, you’re definitely in for a wonderful (yet fattening!) meal. The environment at most Italian eateries is welcoming to families and provides a loving and laid-back place for guests to dine, so the next time you order your fettuccine alfredo, you may want to share with a loved one!

Italian restaurants boast many trendsn some of which are mentioned on, with some new ones on the horizon. No matter how Italian food changes, however, or differs from restaurant to restaurant, most of this delicious cuisine remains rooted in tradition and rich culture. The next time you bite into your pizza, or share your garlic bread over candlelight, imagine that you’re in the lovely country of Italy. Enjoy your meal!