Non-Surgical Treatment For Morton’s Neuroma

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When people experience Morton’s neuroma the pain is so unrelenting and strange in its sensation that people end up with a huge side helping of anxiety. They wonder what is wrong with them. They wonder if they are going to die of a cancer, because they may have a lump under their toes, at the ball of the foot.

While it used to be true that the doctors would mostly focus on making surgical treatments the only way through the pain, that’s no longer the case today. Thankfully, there are many better ways to treat this issue that are actually more effective some of which are discussed on

The main way that treatment works is to relieve pressure. After all, Morton’s neuroma is all about a nerve that’s causing havoc on the toes. It’s being pinched, so relieving the pressure will help to allow healing to occur.

Taking the pressure off the feet, having a coritsone shot, and wearing shoes that provide sufficient space in the toe box are all ways to allow this healing to start to occur. From there, you may try exercises that help the toes open up to relieve the pressure off of the nerve.

Beyond that, there is radiography ablation which destroys the proteins in the offending nerve to prevent it from continuing to send the message of pain and suffering. It will also serve to introduce fresh new blood cells, which helps the healing process.

Along the same lines, the introduction of plasma blood cells through an injection will allow the body to heal as well. It is all about re-establishing a normal environment so that the toes find relief, as well as the nerve.

What Causes Morton’s In The First Place?

It’s all about irritation and pressure put onto a small nerve. This nerve is referred to as the common plantar digital nerve. It lets us feel the space between our toes normally. It is very close to a ligament near the base of the toes. The transverse intermetatarsal ligament’s positioning near the nerve makes for a very unpleasant series of sensations when the nerve is pinched.

The reason is that this is all occurring under the ball of the foot. The nerve gets squeezed under the ligament, causing chronic pain and irritation. The constant pressure makes the nerve thicken makes the pain even less tolerable and more painful.

In many cases, people are so distressed by the pain that they often have to take a load off more than they can walk. Walking and any type of pressure on the foot becomes unbearable and means that favorite activities must be halted for a bit. The best way to heal this condition is to stay off your feet for a while.

While you are taking a break from walking, running, exercising, and everything else, you may get a cortisone shot. That will help relieve swelling to allow some healing to occur. Then go for the other minimally invasive procedures. More likely than not you will be able to avoid surgery.