Finding The Best Dog Park Mississauga

It is entirely appropriate that the long sultry days of the summer season are called ‘the dog days of summer’. Although this was originally penned by the Greeks and Romans to mean the days of extremely hot weather that they believed would cause their canine companions to run wild, today it could be taken to have a slightly different meaning (although running dogs could still be involved). These long warm days are perfect for treating both humans and their canine companions to a dog park experience. Getting out and about with dogs is a fantastic way to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and get some exercise in the company of a faithful furry companion.

for those who would like to get the most out of a day outdoors (or find an indoor option), here are some ideas about finding the best dog park Mississauga.

The first on the list must be a fantastic indoor venue called Doggie Central. The indoor nature of the venue means that the environment is perfect for days when the weather is not as perfect as it could be. However, it also means that the dogs get the personal attention they deserve within a controlled environment. Services are provided by professionals – and it offers far more than just the opportunity for canine companions to stretch their legs and have some fun. Doggie Central also offers training services, daycare (with leash-free play sessions) and great services aimed specifically at puppies.

For those who want to get outdoors and enjoy a romp in a leash-free environment, there is Jack Darling Park. This park was established under the auspices of ‘Leash-Free Mississauga’ and is one of the largest fully fenced off parks of its type in the area. It is a tremendously attractive area with loads of space – however, owners should be aware that there are no water provision facilities so the need to take that into account before setting out explore (perhaps with a ball in hand for that all important game of fetch).

Another wonderful venue is the 1.4 acre, Quenippenon Park. This is one of the newest parks to sign on the leash free movement. There are two separate areas for owners and their canine companions to enjoy themselves. The doggie friendly destination is also a fabulous place to come and enjoy those warm summer days with the whole family. There are splash pools, tennis courts, a baseball field and a soccer field. it is the perfect place to simply sit and relax – and perhaps open up a picnic basket.

Totoredaca is another venue that is great for splashing about in the pools – and as an added bonus there is a ‘doggy cleaning station.’ No more mud and grass-covered journeys home – and cleaning up is just as much fun for canine friends as getting dirty. 3.5 acres of terrain with enough variety to provide interest and fun for even the most energetic of hounds.

So as those wonderful, long and warm days of summer continue owners should make sure that both they and their furry best friend(s) take advantage of the weather and find the best dog park Mississauga.